M.E. Day

M.E. Day (Mental health Edification Day) is an event which will be held every year in November in different communities. Due to the 4th wave of the pandemic, we are postponing our first M.E. Day event until March of 2022 in hopes that the pandemic restrictions on face-to-face events are reduced. We were going to have a virtual event because of restrictions, but we feel a face-to-face event is a better approach for our first event.
At the event, we will talk about creating your own mental health team

At M.E. Day, the audience will be guided through steps that they can use towards creating their team. The presentations at M.E. Day will be different from other mental health presentations:

  • M.E. Day Presentations will be open to everyone, FREE attendance for all.
  • M.E. Day presenters will provide the missing puzzle piece of how they got help (the steps they took), and what they are doing now to keep their mental health “in check” on their good and down days.
  • At every M.E. Day event, we will be doing an Annual Fundraiser selling M.E. Day products. The money raised will help to pay for the next M.E. Day event as well as go towards our other projects: Project H.E.L.P., Sierra’s Gift, and Project Ivan.
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Funding Application for Training
Merchandise to purchase to support M.E. Day Events

Event Speakers

At M.E.Day
Guest Speaker 1
Guest Speaker 1
Guest Speaker #2
Guest Speaker #2
Mental Health Educator

Our Projects

The reason for Me-day...we have a variety of projects we have spear headed to help others who struggle with mental health. We also want to be a help to those providing care for those struggling. Our projects are listed below.

World Mental Health Day


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