Image of Baby Sierra
Sierra’s Gift – was created in memory of Sierra Schemenauer.

Sierra’s Gift is a project that will pay for the training of doctors, nurses, and people who work at homes like the Ronald McDonald House who choose to learn more about mental health.

They will also be trained in the courses, therapies, or modalities of their choice that focus on mental health.

We will be paying for courses focused in the mental health area for any of the nurses, doctors, and counsellors who work at the Ronald McDonald House and at the Jim Patterson Children’s Hospital in Saskatoon who are interested in learning more about different mental health treatments, therapies, or modalities. These individuals will then be able to provide treatments for the child who is sick, for the sick child’s parents, and for the child’s siblings who are all struggling with the situation they are facing at the time. As funds grow, we will reach out to other children’s hospitals and homes (like the Ronald McDonald House).

Amount Needed: $6,000 to fund the training of one individual under Sierra’s Gift